Compensation data: Pacing tech’s fast-moving market with Nick Klute of DoorDash

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Charlie FranklinCo-founder & CEO
Nick KluteCompensation Leader

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What You’ll Learn in This Webinar

The different data sources available to comp teams, pros and cons of each, and how to move closer to real-time, verified data

What challenges compensation leaders are facing and how better data can help inform their strategies and decision-making.

Why offers-based data gives comp teams a clearer picture to confidently set pay ranges, lobby management, and pay new hires and current employees right.

About The Speakers

Charlie Franklin
Co-founder & CEO, Compa

Charlie Franklin is the Co-founder & CEO of Compa, a VC-backed startup with the mission to make compensation fair and competitive for everyone. Compa delivers software for enterprise talent acquisition and total rewards teams to enter the era of pay transparency. 

Charlie has more than a decade of experience in HR roles, mostly focused on compensation matters. He started his career at Mercer, a leading global HR consulting firm, where he advised on compensation strategy and people analytics to organizations ranging from Fortune 100 financial services companies to government agencies and technology startups. He subsequently led executive compensation and people strategy at Juniper Networks, and most recently led HR M&A and global mobility at Workday prior to founding Compa.

Nick Klute
Sr. Manager, Compensation Design & Delivery at DoorDash

Nick Klute is the Sr. Manager of Compensation Design and Delivery at DoorDash and has nearly 15 years of experience crafting people and compensation programs that create efficient, productive, and engaging organizations through a focus on people, processes, and tools. He is currently responsible for compensation design and delivery at one of the market leading online food ordering and delivery platforms in the world.

Nick has a track record of building high-potential programs resulting in a 4x increase in promotion rates and successfully implementing a suite of HR systems, including ATS, LMS, Performance Management, and Compensation. The results of his work move organizations forward by providing better alignment between strategy and the needs of employees. 

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