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Rethinking Market Data in the New Era of Pay Transparency

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Charlie Franklin
Tauseef Rahman

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What You’ll Learn in This Webinar

Why talent acquisition teams can become a source of fresh market insights

How to use pay range disclosure as a competitive advantage

Saying goodbye to losing offers and bad market data

About The Hosts

Charlie Franklin
Co-founder & CEO

Charlie Franklin is the Co-founder & CEO of Compa, a VC-backed startup with the mission to make compensation fair and competitive for everyone. Compa delivers software for enterprise talent acquisition and total rewards teams to enter the era of pay transparency. 

Charlie has more than a decade of experience in HR roles, mostly focused on compensation matters. He started his career at Mercer, a leading global HR consulting firm, where he advised on compensation strategy and people analytics to organizations ranging from Fortune 100 financial services companies to government agencies and technology startups. He subsequently led executive compensation and people strategy at Juniper Networks, and most recently led HR M&A and global mobility at Workday prior to founding Compa.

Tauseef Rahman
Partner and Career Business Leader for Northern California at Mercer

Tauseef Rahman is a consultant who helps organizations perform their best by attracting, retaining, and engaging their talent. He builds relationships and teams to deliver the right solutions for Mercer's clients. His work ranges from job design in the context of the future of work, through pay equity and pay transparency, through long-term strategic workforce planning and analytics.

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